Guidance for those Participating in Public Drop-in Meetings

To make sure that the Review Team can listen to as many people as possible you are asked to read and keep to the following guidelines:

  1. You are welcome to come and talk to the Review Team about any matter which is within the scope of the Review.
    The Review wants to hear about all aspects of the Government’s handling of the pandemic, including healthcare, education, and financial support.
    The full list of topics we may consider is listed in our Terms of Reference.  We are unable to listen to information that is not within scope.
  2. There will be a Review Team member positioned at the entrance to the meeting room.
    If you wish to speak at the meeting you must tell the Review Team member on the door of the meeting room the topic you want to talk about and your name.
    This could be your first name only if you do not want to share your full name.  You need to give a name so that the Chair can tell you when it is your turn to speak.
  3. You may not be called to speak even if you have given your name.  This is because the Chair needs to make sure that she hears views about as many different topics as possible.
    This also means that the Chair may not call you to speak in the order that you arrived at the meeting.
  4. You may speak for up to five minutes and you must stop speaking when you are asked to.
    This time limit is in place is to allow for as many voices as possible to be heard.
  5. You must be respectful to everyone at the meeting, even if you disagree with their viewpoint.  If you are disrespectful and disruptive you will not be allowed to speak and will be asked to leave the meeting.
  6. Please do not speak about sensitive personal information unless you think that it is necessary for the Chair to hear about it so that she can understand what you want to say.
  7. You must not record or film any part of the meeting, whether by using recording equipment or a mobile telephone, or in any other way.
  8. Members of the Review Team may take a note of what you and others say.
    Comments you make may be included within the Chair’s final report but they will not be attributed to you and your name will not appear next to your comments.
  9. The purpose of the meetings is for the Chair to listen to the views of members of the public and therefore she will not be answering questions during the meetings.
  10. Members of the Press will be present and may report on what is said at the meetings.  They are not allowed to film or record the meetings.
    Although the Press will be present they will be told that they may not be able to hear what all participants say:  if you want to speak quietly to the Chair about sensitive matters you will be permitted to do that.
    Private meetings will not be possible.
  11. The Review Team will not be able to accept documents at the meetings. 
    If you would like to submit information in writing please visit the Submissions page and follow the instructions there.
  12. Please see the Review’s privacy notice on our website for details about how the information you give will be used.

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