The report has now been published and the web page below is no longer being updated.

The Independent Review will gather a large volume of documentation and information from a variety of sources.

In order to organise that data, the Review Team has developed the following structure which builds on topics within the Terms of Reference.  The list is not fixed, and will be added to as further areas are highlighted.

It is provided here as a point of reference for those wishing to make a submission to the Independent Review.  If there is an area of importance which you think is not covered in the topics or sub-topics below, please let us know.

Border Closure and Rules
Border rules
Communications at the border
Data tracking regarding the border
Exemptions, including key workers
Quarantine and testing regime
Travel Notification Service
Command Structures and Decision-Making
Business as usual arrangements, such as planning and registrar services
Complaints and whistle-blowing
Covid funding programmes and allocations
Delegation framework
Funding criteria
HR policies and practice; sickness levels
IT actions over home working
Medical-leadership structure
Public health governance
Public health advice
Scrutiny including PAC
Vision statements and strategies
Education Provision Communications
Data tracking for schools
Essential workers
Free school meals
Hub schools
Infection control
Mental health
Remote learning
School closures
School holiday support
Strike action
Vulnerable children and safeguarding in schools
Financial Support to Individuals and Businesses Advice and support to business
Communications between Government departments and business
Data sharing between Treasury and the Department of Enterprise
Data tracking for financial support
Earning-replacement scheme; including its take-up
Impact on economy
Other financial support
Salary-support scheme; including its take-up
Welfare benefits; including demand for them
Government Communication and Messaging “Are you OK? ” campaign
Communication with police and other agencies
Communication between government departments
Communication — other
Community support line
Consultations and responses
Public announcements
The 111 phone line
Government Procurement and Supply Contract standing orders
Financial regulations
Medical equipment
Personal protection equipment (“PPE”)
Procurement process
Supply chains
Hospitals and Health Capacity and infrastructure
Data on infection and loss of life
Delivery of Covid healthcare in the community
Delivery of Covid healthcare in hospitals
Delivery of non-Covid healthcare
Effect on waiting lists
Long Covid
Primary care
Preparedness for a Pandemic Civil Defence Corps
Covid emergency-command structures
Current emergency planning
Conduct of exercises
Infrastructure and utilities
Logs and sitreps
Mass fatalities, coronial service
Mass-notification system
Pandemic planning
Risk Register
Restrictions and Lockdowns Lockdown one — March to June, 2020
Lockdown two — January, 2021
Lockdown three — March and April, 2021
Policing lockdowns
Social distancing
Social Care Abbotswood
Care homes
Community-based services
Mental-health services
Nursery provision and childcare
Social care demand data
Voluntary sector
Social Issues Disability and learning disability
Domestic abuse
Employment rights
Foodbank demand data
Housing and homelessness
Immigration and asylum
Inequality of impact
Justice system
Prisons and detention
Steam Packet Communication between Steam Packet and government
Isolation exemptions
Testing and Tracing Contact tracing
Frontline-worker testing
Genomic testing
Home testing
Outbreak management
Testing in IOM
Testing in UK
Tracking Data for Health and Testing Death rates
Hospital capacity and performance of non-Covid services
Hospital stay times
Hospitalisation rates
Infection rates; the ‘R’ number
Intensive care and ventilator rates
Long Covid data
Positive-test rates
Testing capacity
Tracing performance
Use of Emergency Legislation Civil Contingencies bill
Communication of legislation to Tynwald
Monitoring of spending
Publication of legislation
Rationale for using EPA and PHA
Scrutiny of emergency powers
Use of Emergency Powers Act
Use of Public Health Act
Vaccine rollout Boosters
Communication and messaging
Patient group direction
Staffing and resourcing
Take-up rate
Vaccine hesitancy