How to make Contact with the Review Team

The deadline for the Review’s active public engagement was 12th June 2023, but we welcome information at any time. If you have information to give the Review please contact

If you wish to send a submission to the Review Team, please see and use the “Submissions” page.

To submit hard copy documents to the Review Team, please send documents to:
Independent Covid Review, c/o DQ Advocates Ltd, The Chambers, 5 Mount Pleasant, Douglas, IM1 2PU.

If you send your submission it will be scanned and uploaded to the Review’s system.  Your submission will be held by DQ for seven days before being securely destroyed. If instead you want your submission to be returned to you after scanning, please contact DQ on 01624 626999 to arrange collection.

Should you have any concerns or queries about the way in which your personal data may used, please see the “Privacy” page. Hard copies of the privacy notice are also available on request from DQ.

Members of the press may contact us at:

Any other enquiries may be sent to: